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Informal Meeting with RAC Bucharest Atheneum

March 22nd, 2011

Rotaract Club Bucharest Atheneum

Today a couple of members of Rotaract Club Sofia International met with a representative of the Rotaract Club Bucharest Atheneum in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting was proposed by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev (Past-president of Rotaract Club Sofia International) after having a conversation with members of Rotaract Club Bucharest Atheneum. The meeting aimed to introduce the 2 clubs and to get to know more about the work that is done. The projects and initiatives that both clubs presented were of interest. The meeting aimed also to get more information about the collaboration on the international project – “The Four ‘Why’s in Everyday Life” – International Essay Contest.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev (Past-President and Secretary-Elect), Mr. Andrey Stoychev and Mr. Yordan Dukoff from Rotaract Club Sofia International. The Rotaract Club Bucharest Atheneum was presented by Mr. Horea Gurgu.

We thank Rotaract Club Bucharest Atheneum for the readyness for collaboration and openess.

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