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RACSI and friends made the Longest Martenitza ever

March 3rd, 2011

Longest M artenitza organizers and friends after a success of the project

The Rotaract Club Sofia International successfully implemented a joint project with the aim to make the longest martenitza. Martenitza is an old Bulgarian artefact that symbolizes health, luck and prosperity and is often made out of 2 ribbons interwinded together – white (pureness) and red (life). The tradition in Bulgaria is to give every person you know at least 1 bracelet Martenitza by notting it on the person’s hand. The Rotaract Club Sofia Internatinal together with its partners came up with the idea to try to knot together as many as possible martenitza in order to make the longest martenitza ever made. The initiative was supported by the Rotarian families and clubs in District 2482 and also it was under the high patronage of the District-Governor of D2482 for 2010-2011 – Mr. Krasimir Ganchev.

The project was organized and executed by the Rotaract Club Sofia International, together with the Rotary Club Sofia International and the National Union “Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage” with the support of many other NGO’s. The Longest Martenitza was publically shown and announced on Mar 3rd, 2011 (National Day of Bulgaria). This date was chosen since it was the start of the celebrations of 1330 years of the constitution of the Bulgarian state on its current territories. The Longest Martenitza was shown by circling a couple of times the building of the National Palace of Culture and with its almost 5 kms. together with another 5 kms. martenitza in Nova Zagora region, all together make around 10 kms. of martenitza.

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