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BG Martenitza project implemented (March 1-3 2009)

March 4th, 2009

img0025aRotaract Club Sofia International implemented the BG MARTENITZA project in the period March 1-3 2009 in the city of Sofia.

The projected consisted of the donation of the traditional Bulgarian symbol for Spring – Martenitza to the people in the central hospital Pirogov, the home for elderly people – culture veterans and to ordinary people in the park Ariana in the center of Sofia city.

Over 500 Martenitzas were given to these people. The uniqueness of the project is that the Martenitzas we ordered from a Bulgarian factory were made not only with the traditional spirit of Spring by white and red ribbons, but also green in order to achieve a 3-color Martenitza with the colors of the National Bulgarian img0026aFlag due to the fact that March 3rd is the National Day of Bulgaria.

We specially thank Ms. Helin Zahabi for her sponsorship on this project by providing the Martenitzas.

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