About Us

January 12th, 2017

Established in 2008 and sponsored by Rotary Club of Sofia International, so far the club has over 50 organized by the club, supporter, and co-organized

Our projects include community service, educational initiatives and leadership programs.

We are the Rotaract club in Bulgaria, that operates widely on the international arena, through contacting, networking and working with Rotaract clubs all over the world.

Our biggest pride is the great relation within our Rotary Sofia International family—with the Rotary and the Interact clubs. Through this relation, we have an unique atmosphere of friendship and equality between all members—
leading businessmen, academicians, public figures and university and
high-school students. An atmosphere where the more experienced support the others, elders advise youngsters and we all work for a better community through mutual projects, teambuilding, entertainment.

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