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Successful Birthday Party of the Family

March 11th, 2011

Ms. Maggie Zhelyazkova (President-Elect of ICAAS), Ms. Evelina Sandalova (Secretary of RACSI), Ms. Paola Ivanova (Vice-president of RACSI)

The Rotaract Club Sofia International celebrated on March 11 its 2nd birthday with a small party as part of the Birthday party of the Family. The small unofficial birthday party was attended by 13 Rotaract members, 2 Interact members (@ ICAAS) and 3 Rotararians with 5 friends of theirs. The Rotaract Club Sofia International was greeted by the representatives of 2 other Rotaract clubs – Mr. Anton Peychev (Rotaract Club Sofia Vitosha Izgrev) and Mr. Ivan Kutzarov (Rotaract Club Sofia Sredets). They brought presents for the Clubs, part of the Family of Rotary Club Sofia International. The celebration was for 6th Birthday of Rotary Club Sofia International, 2 years of Rotaract Sofia International and 1 year for the 2 Interact clubs, part of the family.  The party was at the new music-karaoke club VOG.

We wish the thank all the people who came to the party.

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