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Rotaract Sofia International sponsored talented Bulgarian children

September 5th, 2010

Trio Ahinora (Bulgaria) at the International Festival in Aktau, Kazakhstan

The Second International Festival “WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE SUN” in the town of Aktau, Mangistauska region, Kazakhstan was with the special participation of the Bulgarian group “Ahinora” from the town of Zavet, Bulgaria. In the period August 27 to 31 2010 in the city of Aktau (center Mangistauska area, Kazakhstan) was held the second edition of the International Festival of Arts “We are children of the sun”. In the festival took part over 300 children (age 7 to 17) from 6 countries – Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. The participants were divided into two age groups – 7 to 12, and 13 to 17 years and they all competed in several categories – folk instrumental performance, vocal / folk singing and pop singing with choreography.

Bulgaria was represented by Trio “Ahinora” from the Bulgarian town of Zavet led by Mrs. Vyara Ivanova. The perfect training in the field of folk songs and popular music allowed the girls that form the group to join the competition in the upper-age category – up to 17 years, individually, as a trio and duet in the categories pop performance and singing of folk songs.

The jury, which was formed by representatives of all the participants was led by the People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Bolata Ayuhanov. It valuated the preparation and the skills of the performers from Bulgaria and granted them several awards:
– Trio “Ahinora” (Eileen Ibryam, Alija Hansen and Tzveta Miteva) – first prize for pop performance;
– Duet “Alyana kitka” (Eileen Ibryam and Alija Hansen) – First prize for the performance of folk songs;
– Eileen Ibryam – Second prize for vocal mastery;
– Encouraging awards were received by Tzveta Miteva and Alija Hansen for getting to 4th and 5th places among the vocalists.
– The Organizing Committee awarded a special prize to Mrs. Vyara Ivanova for the contribution to the preservation of traditions and the enrichment of the intercultural dialogue.

The level of organizational of the festival was high, especially an excellent impression was made by the technical conditions – spacious rooms, open stage, sound, lighting, etc.
The participants and the guests participated in several charity events – planting trees in the Youth Park of the city, visits and concerts in the specialized regional children’s hospital and in the city schools for children with special needs.
The Closing ceremony of the festival, held at the central square of the town of Aktau, coincided with the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The concluding party was a pageant of dances, songs and light effects, which showed the greatest achievements of the city of Aktau in the field of children’s art and that contributed to the wonderful memories of the Bulgarian children that took part.
Impressed by the presentation of the trio “Ahinora”, the hosts from Aktau city presented a new invitation to the group to make a visit again and expressed their hope that Bulgaria will become a permanent participants in the festival.
Trio “Ahinora” and Non-Profit Society “Spectar” (organizer of the Bulgarian participation in the festival) express their big gratitude to Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev – CEO of SVETU Ltd and Past-president of Rotaract Club Sofia International for his extraordinary financial and moral support, thanks to which it was possible to have a brilliant presentation of the group from the city of Zavet at the Second International Festival “We are children of the sun”.

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