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RACSI organizes the most successful young leaders summit

June 1st, 2011


Dear Rotaract friends,
With the following, we would like to bring to your attention information on a project, co- organized by our Rotaract club, Rotaract Sofia International, District 2482- Bulgaria. In the period 23- 30 of July 2011, in Sofia, Bulgaria for a 4th time will be held the global conference for young specialists, “Sofia International Model United Nations” – SOFIMUN. The event is co-organized by International Foundation  “SOFIMUN” and Rotaract club Sofia International.

Our club takes part in the project, following the great traditions Rotary International has in the work of the United Nations. The engagement of the Rotarians in the processes taking place on the international scene has been visible ever since the establishment of the United Nations and the youth sections of Rotary, the Rotaract clubs are today following these steps – a major part of the organizers and participants on such international conferences, including SOFIMUN, are Rotaractors.

The annual SOFIMUN conference is a global summit for young, perspective students and specialists on the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe and other international organizations. It gives its participants the opportunity to step in the shoes of real diplomats and debate on topics of actual international meaning, provide decisions and opinion on the matters. For a week time, the young people are engaged into the realistic processes of the international organizations, represent states, debate, lobby and prepare resolutions. The event provide its participants with an in depth knowledge on international relations, politics, law, economy, security, journalism and contributes to their personal development – academic preparation, debating skills, co-operation.

The SOFIMUN annual conference is established and held following the long tradition of similar international conferences, organized in many parts of Europe, Asia and America. For its 3 successfully held editions so far since 2008, SOFIMUN welcomes each year  over 160 from all parts of the world.

In 2011, for its 4th edition, the SOFIMUN Conference will offer its participants 7 conference panels / international bodies to participate in: UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council, UNESCO, European Parliament, Council of the European Union, Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, SNN International Press center.

The topics that will be debated represent great variety of focuses – the situation in post-referendum Sudan, contemporary forms of slavery, historic urban landscapes,  Eastern partnership in the EU, Russia- EU partnerships, Arctic natural resources. Furthermore, the 7th panel, the international press center will provide its participants with the opportunity to act as real journalists and represent one out of 12 world popular media such as Al Jazeera, RIA Novosti, Economist, El Pais, and study the working process of international media and contemporary online journalism.

Besides the everyday sessions, the participants on the 4th SOFIMUN edition are engaged in various social and cultural events – museum visits, academic lectures, thematic evening, music theme parties. The participants will also meet with prominent lecturers who will contribute to their debates – ambassadors, academicians, specialists in international organizations, journalists, representatives of UN and EU agencies.

The 4th SOFIMUN conference provides its participants with hotel accommodation, lunches, two gala dinners, coffee breaks, top conference venue, conference materials.

This year, the event will gather 200 participants from all parts of the world for one week of unique experience in a rich multicultural surrounding, where young people will be able to exchange knowledge, ideas and visions on their cultures, the world and the future of politics, international relations and similar.

With this letter, Rotaract club Sofia International addresses to your kind attention a special invitation to participate in the 4th edition of the SOFIMUN Conference.

As Rotaractors and organizers, we can assure you that this event highly contributes for the contact between Rotaractors and their involvement in the international processes, the better work and co-operation between members of Rotary from all parts of the world.

We will be honored by your participation and very glad to welcome you in Sofia this summer where we will be able to provide new, educated visions on problems of international meaning and exchange ideas for projects and co-operation within Rotary International.

The application for SOFIMUN 2011 is open. All details on the conference are available here: www.sofimun.org

Kind regards,

Rotaract club Sofia International

District 2482 – Bulgaria



June 1st 2011

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