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Rotaract assisted for a donation to Pirogov hospital in Sofia

November 10th, 2010

Rotary member Ms. Sarah Skaggs-Dimitrova with d-r Radenovski (Head-chief of Pirogov hospital)

In 2009 the Rotary Club Sofia International (RCSI) coordinated the donation of USD 200,000 worth of new and used medical supplies from the Rotary District 6110 Medical Supplies Network, Inc. in Oklahoma, USA to a regional hospital in Montana, Bulgaria via the Montana, Bulgaria Rotary Club. The EUR 5,800 cost to transport the container was covered by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Our special thanks to the Austrian Red Cross who facilitated the import of the items into the European Union. The project was quite a success; providing the hospital with new operation tables, patient beds, mattresses and sheets, thousands of syringes, bandages, tubing, gauze and disposable gloves at no cost to the under-funded facility. This year the RCSI will again coordinate a similar donation, this time estimated at around USD 300,000 worth of new and used medical supplies. This donation is destined for Pirogov hospital in Sofia. The 40′ foot container left the United States on the 27th of September 2010 and arrived in Bulgaria on 10 November 2010. Once again, the Austrian Red Cross is facilitating the transportation of the supplies. America for Bulgaria Foundation for a second year covered most of the transportation costs. The medical supplies include: 6 wheelchairs, 3 portable ventilators, 2 portable X-Ray machines, hospital beds, IV stands, disposable syringes, 50 surgical gowns, disposable medical gloves and many, many other items.

The project was supported by Ms. Paola Ivanova.

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