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Rotaract Supports SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria

December 21st, 2009

p8wdffikqh200711191637581The Rotaract Club Sofia Interntional has taken the decision to support the SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria with a minimal sum of 20.00 BGN on a monthly basis.

Today the Club transfered the amount for the months October, November and December 2009.

What is SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria?

By providing family type of care, SOS Children’s Villages gives the possibility to deprived of parental care children to be again a part of a family. The basic principle of the Association is if a child can not remain in its biological family, in the SOS Children’s Village it to has guaranteed the right to care, protection and equal chance in life.
SOS Children’s Villages have set as an objective the upbringing and education of children at risk regardless of their race, ethnical background and religion, giving them the possibility to live their own life with self-confidence and on the grounds of the adopted values, by integrating them in society and by supporting them on their road to a more secured future.
The SOS Children’s Village is a community, uniting 12-15 family houses. In each family house one mother brings up and educates 6-8 children, boys and girls at different age. Aiming at reaching full social integration, children attend schools and kindergartens in the relevant locality.

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