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NEXT: (30.10) 2nd Annual Golf Charity Day

October 27th, 2009

2nd_rotary_international_golf_dayRotary Club Sofia International, Rotaract Club Sofia International and Rotary Club Ihtiman (District 2482, Bulgaria) invite you to participate in the 2nd ROTARY CHARITY GOLF OURNAMENT to be held at Air Sofia Golf Club in Ihtiman.

DATE: Saturday, Oct. 31 2009; TIME: 10:00 am – Shotgun start; ENTRANCE FEE FOR GUESTS: 40 lv. (free for kids up to 12 y.o.); REGISTRATION FEE FOR PLAYERS: 100 lv.

All proceeds from the event will go to support two initiatives. The first one is supported by Rotary Club Sofia International and is based in Sofia. It aims the development of community based social services for prevention of abandonment and return of the children in risk in family environment as well as development of services for their families. The second one is supported by Rotary Club Ihtiman, and aims to further the professional qualifications and re-training of the unemployed.

Many prizes, trophies, cocktails, raffle, wine tasting, art auction, golf lessons for beginners, horse riding, tennis courts.

Come and enjoy a relaxing weekend while playing golg and supporting a good cause!


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